Gospel of Jesus Christ in purity,
sincerity, and simplicity.


Restoration of Scriptural Church Government

The “restoration” of anything is putting it back as it was originally. The word presupposes a departure, decay, destruction, a turning away, leaving the original state. Galatians 6:1-2 tells those who are spiritual to “restore” one who is overtaken in a fault. “Overtaken” in a fault is the return to the state of sin after…

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Menace of Men’s Business Meetings to Oversee the Work

Since the days of the apostles men have struggled to reform, refine, rearrange, rebuild and refurbish the organization and work of the church Christ built. Every effort has ended in apostasy and the creation of hundreds of manmade religious bodies to curse humanity. Many became angry and left the foundation of the faith for the…

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