Brother Phillips published a bulletin called Preacher of the Word beginning in 1996. Following is an excerpt from the January 1997 bulletin which sets forth his prospectus for the articles.

You hold in your hands the first issue of Preacher Of The Word for 1997. 1996 is over. Beginning this new year offers many opportunities for preaching the gospel to the lost and edifying ourselves and others by diligent studies of the word of God. Of course, every year has offered this blessing to serve God, but perhaps we are of the mind to "go to the work."

Much new material will appear in the articles this year, relating to present problems and prospects. I want to state my prospectus in some of the coming articles.First, I believe the word of God is verbally inspired by the Holy Spirit (1 Cor. 2:9-13; 2 Tim. 3:16-17). I shall use it as the word of God and not as the word of men (1 Thess. 2:13).

Second, I want to be fair and treat everyone just as I want them to treat me (Matt. 7:12). That means that I will rebuke sin in others as I would expect them to do for me. I will be kind and encouraging to all who try to walk in the light, as I would want them to do for me.

Third, I will speak to principles, not to the person of anyone. That means, of course, if one is sinning, he cannot escape the conse-quences of his sin; he will be rebuked and urged to repent.

Fourth, I love Christ, his word, the church, and the brethren more than anything else. This comes first in my life. It has been so for over half a century. I cannot turn from that now. I pray that God will use this effort to teach, encourage, instruct in righteousness and rebuke sin without compromise. Any comment, correction or sug-gestion will be welcome. May God bless each one of you in the coming year. Amen.

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