H.E. Phillips taught the gospel of Jesus Christ in purity, sincerity, and simplicity.

His life was spent helping hungry souls get to heaven, without promotion of himself or others, while waging relentless war against the enemies of the truth.

His preaching was always scriptural, and delivered in a way that appealed to the soul of each listener.

Through this website, we hope his words will continue to inspire fervent love for God, Jesus, the Lord's church, and the Bible.

Most of all, we pray that people everywhere will be encouraged and edified, resulting in the salvation of souls.


H.E. Phillips.org is committed to sounding out the gospel by making brother Phillips' lessons available on the Internet.

Although we're just getting started with this project, we hope and pray it will develop quickly, with articles and audio sermons, then with books, tied together with a topical index to make studying God's word convenient and thorough.

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